Round-the-clock B2B lead generation services

Harvest increased revenue with our tailored offers delivered to your ideal customers through our low-risk B2B lead generation services

Our lead generation services get you in touch with top decision-makers and watch your company’s revenue grow like never before! Our huge database has over 265 million connections, ready to get you the results you need.

Work with us, and say goodbye to the stress of lining up those client meetings. Keep on reading, and we’ll show you exactly how we can be a game-changer for your business.

Secure meetings with top decision-makers using our lead generation services, boosting your revenue with minimal risk

Connect with key decision-makers effortlessly through our lead generation services, ensuring growth in revenue with minimal risk.

Rest easy knowing your next appointment with a potential client is secured without uncertainty in cost or origin.

Benefit from our AI-enhanced, human-overseen approach, ensuring precise targeting and a personal touch with the industry leaders you aim to engage.

Direct contact with decision makers

Our database boasts 265 million+ pivotal decision-makers.

Peace of mind

With us, you'll never wonder where your next appointment will come from.

Low risk service

You know how much does each appointment cost - no suprises.

Calculate your ROI and see what you could be gaining

Wondering if our lead generation services is worth it for you? Jump into our cost calculator and see the possible returns firsthand!

We are committed to your success. We only offer our lead generation services when we are genuinely confident that they will benefit you.

Our primary aim is to ensure that your investment not only pays off but also propels your business forward.

Let's see if we are a good fit! Enter your business goals below and let's find out!


Higher Revenue, Peace of Mind, Minimal Risk

Unhappy with how your outreach and lead gen's been going? We're here to turn that around!

You might have ventured into various lead generation methods or email campaigns, only to find them falling short. The reason? They often lack the personal touch, precise targeting, and are dismissed as spam. 

It’s disheartening when there’s no assurance that your valuable investment will yield any tangible results.

But here’s where we stand apart: Our lead generation services ensures you a seat at the table with the decision-makers you’re aiming for. 

Why? Because our emails are crafted personally, aimed accurately using our expansive 265+ million updated database. 

We’re confident in our lead generation services, which is why we guarantee you 10 high-quality leads with your initial investment.

We don't spam

In the sea of spam, our targeted and personalized approach ensures we rise above the noise.

Our method works

Our personalized emails not only capture attention but also boast impressive open rates and CTR, ensuring engagement.

Appointments that drive growth

We secure meetings for you with pivotal decision-makers vital to your business growth.

Service that will make you smile

We're super easy to talk to and really go the extra mile for results. Experience unparalleled satisfaction with our outreach and lead generation services.

We relate to your past troubles in lead generation

Problems you may have previously encountered using other lead generation services

You can't reach people who matter

Even the best product goes unnoticed without the right contact. Sending e-mails to doesn't work.

Cold e-mails are ineffective

We all get hundreds of e-mails daily. People open what matters, everything else is just noise.

You get tagged as spam

When outreach emails aren't crafted thoughtfully, they end up in the spam folder, making the sale impossible.

People over-promise

You are promised unbelivable results that won't ever happen without hard work and dedication. Your hopes are up and dissapointment will follow.

Horrible Return on Investment

Investing hard-earned money and your time only to get nothing back is super frustrating. We get it, and we're here to help change that.

No consistency

Email outreach services are often seen as a singular event, but you need something that keeps client meetings coming on regular basis.

Those Problems? Not Our Style – We're Better

What makes LeadGardens lead generation services different

Direct contact with decision makers

With our huge database of over 265 million key decision-makers, you're all set for those important meetings.

E-mails tailored to engage

Our strategy? Adding that personal touch for amazing open rates and engagement, all while sticking to GDPR rules.

Cost effective results

We get you in the room with potential clients. We handle the outreach, so you can just enjoy the meetings.

We nurture our leads

Our team is in it for the long haul, making sure you get those regular client meetings you need to keep connecting with potential customers.

Return on Investment pays off

Our lead generation services are all about getting you a solid ROI. We want to be sure we're really boosting your earnings, not just making you spend.

We work hard for results

In sales, nothing's guaranteed, but putting in the hard work and staying dedicated usually pays off.

Why should you choose us?

We plant ideas and grow meetings

Together, we’ve got over 25 years in the game of sales, lead generation, marketing and appointment setting. We’re all about planting those smart ideas and watching them grow into winning meetings with clients.

We’ve been in those super busy teams where the challenge of locating new leads under tight schedules was a familiar scenario. However, we figured out how to get in touch with potential clients fast and without spending a fortune.

With our considerable background as business owners, we understand firsthand the effort, the challenges, stress, risk, and, most crucially, the goals you’re shooting for. 

Let’s team up, and we promise to be the ace up your sleeve in the lead generation game.

Over 265 000 000 contacts

Our database boasts over 265 million up to date contacts globally. We will get you your meetings!

25 years of combined experience

We have more than 25 years of collective experience in sales and lead generation.

10 leads within the first payment

We guarantee 10 high quality leads within the first payment. That is our promise!

We generate leads 24/7

Like yourself we want our business to grow and bloom and we are ready to work hard for that. After learning phase we can generate leads for you 24/7.

Imagine the possibilities

What to expect from our lead generation services?

Global reach

We set up client meetings all around the world and are a great choice for those looking to start exporting with minimal costs.

Leads that convert

We will get you meetings
with precisely targeted decision-makers who are truly keen on your products or services.

Revenue increase

Each of these high-value interactions is a chance to boost your revenue. More quality meetings mean more opportunities to sell, driving your financial success sky-high.

Hesitating? Don’t!
It might just cost you your next big sale

Waiting around is just hitting pause on your success! Why not jumpstart things today with our lead generation services? Connect with us, and let's start lining up those meetings to increase your profits!

How do our lead generation services work?

Our lead generation services process explained


Let's begin with You

First things first: we dive into what makes your business tick. We want to know your unique sales points and what problems do your customers face. We'll check out who you're aiming to reach and what makes your brand special to plan our next moves.


Initiating the outreach

We kick things off by putting together complete contact lists and writing emails that really make an impact. At the same time, we're fine-tuning our AI to make sure our outreach gets smarter, more personal and more efficient all the time.


Continuous improvement

As your steadfast ally our work never really stops. While we're busy sharpening our strategies with all the latest performance stats, you'll be rocking those meetings we have scheduled for you and locking in the big deals.

Boost your revenue!

Get appointments with decision makers

Increasing sales with minimal risk is an opportunity you can’t allow to miss!

10 leads with first payment

After sign-up fee, we won't charge you before we have secured at least 10 quality leads for you.

Meet with decision makers

Meet up and sit down with people whose decision matters. And close them!

You don’t need a big budget to start exporting.

Our servce is cost effective way to start exporting.

Peace of mind

Never worry about where your next appointment comes from and what does it cost.