Round-the-clock B2B lead generation services

We cultivate tailored offers, planting them directly in to the mind of decision-makers with our B2B lead generation services

Connect directly with those who call the shots. We promise a continual flow of leads and engagements, with zero ad expenditure. Achieve your sales, growth or export goals seamlessly.

Problems you usually face when trying to find new leads

You can't reach people who matter

Even the best product goes unnoticed without the right contact.

Cold e-mails are frustrating and ineffective

We all get hundreds of e-mails daily. People open what matters. We make sure yours does.

You don't have energy and funds for high-level marketing campaign

New markets and leads often demand more. We make it cost-effective.

We ensure a steady stream of leads and client meetings with key players

Direct contact with decision makers

Our database boasts 265 million+ pivotal decision-makers.

E-mails tailored to engage

Our method? Personal touches for outstanding open rates.

No ad spend, just results

We put you face-to-face with potential clients. We handle the outreach, you enjoy the meetings.

Our three steps to your business growth!

We select the right target audience.

Effective lead generation means hand-picking the right audience. By focusing on those who resonate with your offering, we ensure your message lands with the right decision-makers.

We plant the seeds and grow the leads

It’s about genuine connection, not quick wins. We amplify your brand through tailored messages, paving the way. Your team? They deliver the final, decisive pitch.

You harvest the leads and cultivate them into deals

We pave the way, you take the victory lap. Once we secure that first meeting, the stage is yours. From there, your team takes the lead, driving the deal to completion. 

What do we do?

Round-the-clock lead generation

Step into LeadGarden, where we’ve masterfully united the finesse of traditional lead generation with the prowess of AI innovation, yielding a steady stream of B2B leads. Finding new leads, breaking into new markets or initiating exports can often be challenging and costly. But with our approach, those barriers are significantly reduced.

Harnessing the power of AI, we connect with each potential client personally, tailoring our approach to cater to their distinct requirements and traits.

We fine-tune the sales narrative, introducing your products or services in the most compelling manner. The result? A scheduled meeting with prospects genuinely interested in what you offer. Our approach is GDPR compliant.

With over 25 years of combined experience in the field, we’ve cultivated thousands of leads through various methods. Now, with the added advantage of AI, we’re poised to generate leads more efficiently, ensuring your business always stays in full bloom and creates growth.

Ready for Global Reach?

We cut through the noise, connecting you directly to 265 million+ decision-makers, ensuring a steady stream of leads and scheduled appointments. Navigate global expansion seamlessly with us by your side.

Precision Meets Business Expansion

With LeadGarden you're always in front of the right audience. Every email is precision-targeted and personalized, driving meaningful connections for your business growth.

We are your steadfast ally

As your business thrives with our continual lead generation and meeting coordination, our success is intertwined with yours. It's a partnership, not just a one-time transaction.

We promise...

To make lead generation easy

Take your company to new heights and generate leads 24/7. 

10 leads with first payment

After sign-up fee, we won't charge you before we have secured at least 10 quality leads for you.

High quality leads

You will never get a cold lead that has zero knowledge about your service or product.

Fixed prices

We only charge you what we have agreed upon. No hidden costs or suprise payments.

Peace of mind

Never worry about where your next lead comes from - LeadGarden provides them for you.