About LeadGarden

LeadGarden is a powerhouse team of sales, lead generation, and marketing pros with a collective 25+ years under their belt, nailing top-tier deals for both themselves and their clients.

We’ll tenderly care for your leads until they’re prime and juicy, waiting for you to reap the rewards.

Who we are?

Round-the-clock lead generation agency.

Welcome to LeadGarden, where our combined experience of over 25 years in the fields of sales and lead generation sets us apart. We’ve all been optimizing sales processes to ensure we’re not just chasing deals but actually closing them.

Our backgrounds have given us a deep understanding of the value of time in the sales game. We’ve honed our lead generation skills in industries that demand efficiency, and now we’re here to help you do the same.

But here’s where things get interesting—lead generation is our forte. Our service isn’t just about saving time; it’s about providing you with a pipeline of high-quality leads. And as we all know, better leads often mean better deal-closing potential.

Forget cold leads

Receive only leads genuinely interested in what you offer, optimising your time and energy and eliminating unnecessary stress.

Focus on sales

Lead generation takes up a huge amount of your sales team's time. By letting us manage it for you, your team can focus on closing deals, boosting productivity and increasing revenue.

Close more deals

With precision targeting, AI-powered insights, and optimised time management you can effortlessly close more deals.

Let's get to know each other

Meet our powerhouse team

Taavi Tammpere

Taavi, our lead gardener, boasts over 12 years in B2B sales, advertising, and e-mail marketing. He’s mastered the art of securing leads and closing deals across various industries.

When you collaborate with Taavi, it’s more than leads; you’re accessing a reservoir of knowledge and a history of proven success.

Silver Org

With 13 years in sales, website development, and lead generation, Silver has crafted 100+ websites that drive sales and consistently deliver leads.

He grasps the critical nature of quality leads, knowing that without them, sales efforts increase and business lags.

Hardworking AI

Once given its marching orders, our AI rolls up its virtual sleeves and starts finding precise ways to find leads and tailoring unique ways to approach your potential clients. 

But don’t worry; it’s not flying solo. Our lead gardeners are always on deck, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

We promise...

To make lead generation easy

Take your company to new heights and generate leads 24/7. 

10 leads with first payment

After sign-up fee, we won't charge you before we have secured at least 10 quality leads for you.

High quality leads

You will never get a cold lead that has zero knowledge about your service or product.

Fixed prices

We only charge you what we have agreed upon. No hidden costs or suprise payments.

Peace of mind

Never worry about where your next lead comes from - LeadGarden provides them for you.